10 Favorite Preschool Activities: Try Something New


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If only your LO could talk to tell you their favorite preschool activities!

Photo by Kiana Bosman on Unsplash

However, they have such limited experience, they do not know what might tickle their fancy until you introduce them to new experiences. They have favorite preschool activities from their past, such as a bedtime book snuggle, or building with blocks, but there is so much new to explore.

One thing is for sure, they like movement, now that they can run, jump and even walk backward.

So, what is a loving mom to do? Take some proven advice but don’t be afraid to try some new favorite preschool activities.

Proven Favorite Preschool Activities

Some time-proven activities work well with this age group. It would be foolish not to try them with your child. You may have to let things get messy, but your child’s development and self-esteem are worth a little sand, water, or Play-Doh mess.

1) Sand and Water Play

You will find these activities in every daycare for a good reason. Sensory play is a favorite among this age group. Since sand and water play is so sensory, it has a calming effect. You can put an old shower curtain or a wading pool under the table to catch the drips and sandy mess for an easy cleanup. This table set up just begs to be used.

2) STEM Building Toy

This building toy comes with a battery-operated drill for ease of building. Your LO can start off playing around with the parts. Eventually, they will become interested in following the plans to build a plane, car, helicopter, or truck. Let your Los imagination go wild. The parts and the drill are just the right size for preschool hands.  This toy will fascinate a 3-year-old, but it will also appeal to a 5-year-old as they develop the skills to follow pictorial instructions.

3) Play-Doh

You can up the interest in this standard product with the right tools for molding and extruding different shapes. One of the best parts of this toy is the table. Your child has their own surface for the play-doh (saving your working area), and everything stores neatly in the legs of the table. 

At first, your preschooler will enjoy Play-Doh’s sensory activities, but will evolve into using the material to create artwork. You can model the process of making a figure, or painting a picture with play-doh colors.

4) Jump for Joy

Balloons are inexpensive and easy to store, but they can be surprisingly entertaining as well. Blow them up and have a kicking fest. Hang them from the ceiling to encourage punching and throwing activities. Put some elastic on them for a fist bump fest. Or just let your kids run with a gaggle of colorful companions. Add a hand pump or helium pump to ease the work and maximize the fun. Save this activity for a rainy day when everything else has been exhausted. This is a sure-fire winner.

New Favorite Preschool Activity Ideas You can Try

5) Future Chef

This kitchen set is perfect for kids who are fascinated by what is happening in the kitchen. And the fact that the tap has running water makes the experience very realistic. When it is time to cook, you can see the burner light up and hear cooking noises. Your LO will love imitating what they see happening in your home.

6) Exploramania

Encourage your child to explore with this kit full of the right tools. Use the magnifying glass to take a closer look at all of the wonderful creatures in your own backyard. And if you crawl into s dark place take out your flashlight to continue the adventure. It never runs out of energy as you crank the handle to make the light. Put everything in its own pack to move from the backyard to the playground and even to the beach or riverside. 

7) A Game with NO Reading  – Zingo

If you have several children, they can learn to play a game together and include the preschooler too. Zingo matches depend on picture matching. Games help kids learn to focus, take turns and work cooperatively. You may need to take the time for the first few sessions, but eventually your kids can play independently.

8) Wall Play

Use your wall space for playtime too. The toys are always ready for experimentation, and there is no tidy up needed.  The many different sensory activities delight kids for hours. This crocodile is big enough to share with friends and siblings. 

9) Future Mathematician

Many adults would give this toy a pass, but kids who love challenges will learn a lot about mathematics by trying to balance the scale. Your precious can start simply, by putting the same number of frogs on each side, and then things can get more complicated by including the numbers. Then add the cards a year or so down the road for a more formal investigation. The trick is to add the different parts of the activity when your child is ready. Hold back the numbers and cards for a time. Let them explore with the frogs first.


10) Get those Wiggles Out!

If you have the room inside your home or in the garage, or in the backyard, this bouncy house will entertain your family for hours. It sets up quickly, so you can save it for a time when nothing else is amusing, and then within minutes, you have your own indoor playground. This may seem like an extravagant purchase, but once you see the enthusiasm of your kids, you will understand the value. Leave it up for a while and then put it away so that it will seem fresh each time.

No doubt it is hard to keep up with the changing interests of your LO. But with some planning and the introduction of new activities, you can cultivate a variety of new favorite preschool activities.

Try something new.

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