20+ of the Best Toddler Toys for Physical Activity: How to deal with your Energized LO!

Toddler pushing her baby sibling on a swing which is part of a toddler climbing set. Climbing sets are one of the best toddler toys for physical activity.

There is no doubt that as your baby matures, you need to step up your parenting game to meet their needs for physical movement. When they were babies, you celebrated every small step of development, but now that they are free to run, skip, and hop around, you need to get creative.

Levels of Physical Activity for Toddlers

What are the recommended levels of physical activity for toddlers?
For children 12-36 months old, current National Association for Sports and Physical Education (NASPE) guidelines recommend this much daily activity

at least 30 minutes of structured physical activity (adult-led)
• at least 60 minutes unstructured physical activity (free play)

As a general rule, toddlers shouldn’t be inactive for more than 1 hour at a time, except for sleeping. Kid’s Health

You can stimulate this level of activity by selecting from the right toddler toys. These are the appropriate toddler toys for this developmental level.

We have searched the net to save you time.

Large Muscle Activity to Use Up that Excess Energy: including toddler indoor climbing toys

Any large muscle activity promotes vigorous play. These are some of the best toddler toys to get the sillies out.

Jump and Slide Bouncer

If you have a room that is larger than 144 by 108 inches and is at least 72 inches high, then you can set up this funhouse in your basement or family room. It is recommended for 3 years and older.

But younger children can enjoy the experience with supervision. Since it is easy to set up and take down, you can save the Jump and Slide Bouncer for those impossible rainy days or shared frivolity when visitors come with small children. It will be a hit at the next birthday party! It is suitable for kids up to 10 years old. When the weather is acceptable, you can set it up outside. The roof panel provides plenty of shade for continuous play in sunny areas.

Kiddey Ball Pit Play Tent

This is so easy to pop up and store! Your toddler will be able to get into and out of the tent by themselves, as the doorway is at a “just right level.” Note that the balls need to be purchased separately.

The tent measures 39 by 39 by 39 inches. Use this with your toddler and then turn it into a reading space as they grow.

Indoor Playground

This is a great alternative to the communal playgrounds in parks around the neighborhood. The playground is a toddler indoor climbing toy. It is sized for toddlers up to 5 years old.

Since the main frame is made of wood, you can expect years of service. It is best to place a mat around the structure for safety. Close supervision is required for the youngest children. This playground will keep your kids active without destroying your furniture.
You can configure the different parts for dramatic play as well. Turn the playground into a castle by removing the slide and adding a few cloth coverings. Add a side curtain to make a puppet theater. You will find many creative uses for it!

Indoor Doorway Playground:

Be prepared for having your toddler use this equipment every day. You could start out with the ladder and swing, and progress to the other components as your child matures. It will hold 300 pounds.

Your active child will use this equipment every day. It is 4 adventures in one! And your toddler indoor climbing toy does not take up a lot of room in your house.

Toddler Playground Toy with Basketball Hoop

This toddler-sized swing set with a slide and basketball hoop will keep your kids busy for hours. It can be used indoors and outdoors when the weather is nice. It is perfectly sized for your toddler.

Toddler Trampoline:

Get your toddler’s sillies out with this jumping extravaganza. If your child is big for their age, you could consider finding a larger version.

Bounce Back Punching Bag

Frustration is a key component of this age group. Help your toddler work out their aggressive tendencies with this “just right-sized” punching bag. There are several different designs.

Active Yoga Kids Activity Exercise Blocks

Once your toddler is familiar with the poses, they can control what they will do. Use these as a physical break with the crazies happen. The poses are pictured as animals.

Chillafish Bunzi 2-in-1 Toddler Balance Bike and Tricycle:

Get your toddler moving on a bike that is made for growth. Start with the bike as a tricycle. Move the seat higher when needed.

And then transform the bike into a 2 wheel balance bike. If you have the room inside or even a large balcony, this type of bike can be hours of fun. It works well on hardwood or tiled floors.

Ride-On Bouncy Animal Play Toy:

This toy comes in a variety of shapes for the discerning toddler. If a horse is not their favorite, they would like a cow, zebra, unicorn, reindeer, or a dragon.

Your young kids will be safe on the blow-up toy as it is fairly small and low to the ground. It is light enough for most kids to pull around the house. It comes with a plush, washable covering.

5 in 1 Sports Activity Center for Indoors

Is it basketball, golf, soccer, ring toss, or a game of your imagination? The post is adjustable, so the basket hoop will always be just the right size.

Toddler Games for Physical Engagement

Toddler games that promote physical engagement are a great way to expend that boundless energy of your little one. These toddler toys are important for more than physical activity. In addition, games often promote social learning, such as taking turns, dealing with disappointment in a positive manner, and following instructions. All of these games involve a physical aspect. Some are more demanding than others.

Melissa & Doug Dilly Dally Tootle Turtle Target Game:

Transform that throwing urge into a learning tool. It is incredible how much energy you use to throw things. With this game, your child will also be learning the numbers.

At a later stage, they can learn how to tally a score. These soft bean bags are lined with Velcro so that they stick well.

Mookie Early Fun Swingball – All Surface Tether Tennis Game – Ages 3+

Calling all future racket sports stars, build your kids’ hand-eye coordination early. This game can be played alone or with a sibling.

Since there are no winners or losers, there are fewer arguments. Get that pent up energy out in non-competitive activity!

Melissa & Doug Bowling Friends

Burn off some energy by playing an indoor game of bowling with these colourful characters. Many toddlers will be happy to set up the pins in their own fashion and then knock them down.

Eventually, you can start to teach them the game’s procedure, but first, they will need time to play with the equipment.

Toddler Scavenger Hunt Cooperative Card Game

This run and seek game will delight your toddler as they scour the house looking for the right item. You are building language skills while playing your kids favourite game.

Teach an older child this game to play with your young one to involve everyone in the family as you supervise from afar. If both kids want to play, give a card to each child to avoid fierce competition.

Melissa & Doug Hopscotch Rug

Play hopscotch with your rambunctious young one or turn the mat into a bean bag game aiming for different numbers. Better still invent your own game to increase the activity.

For example: if you land on a five, you need to run to the kitchen and back 5 times. Change up the action for variety.

Red Light Green Light with Motion Sensing Game

Sneak up to the light, dance up a storm, or go in slow motion to explore the 3 modes for this game. It will take some practice to help your toddler understand what to do, but the fun is worth your effort.

Giant Classic Tic Tac Toe Game

Get your toddler up and moving to place the Xs and Os on the jumbo game board.
The first step is to learn to take turns.

At first, start with covering the game board to fill the empty squares.
Then set the target for 3 in a row classic game.

A Musical Approach

While everyone realizes that dancing to music is a fantastic and enjoyable way to participate in physical fitness, this oversized keyboard takes playing music to a new physical level. It is an innovative toddler toy.

Toddler Piano Keyboard Floor Playmat

Do you have a toddler who loves music? Then this giant keyboard will delight them. You use your feet and hands to make music. Good for learning colors as well.

It is highly adaptable to adjust to your kids’ developmental levels. Start with one-key, one-note, and then modify for a more engaging experience. It comes with a songbook so your kids can start to learn how to play through colors or numbers.

Ride-On Toys

Ride-on toys are an old fashion favorite toddler toy to amuse your little ones. If you have ever seen a toddler enjoying the bouncy ride, you soon realize how much energy they are using. Give mommy a rest by engaging your toddler in vigorous activity.

Ride-on Bouncy Animal Play Toy

This toy comes in a variety of shapes for the discerning toddler. If a cow is not their favorite, they would like a horse of many colors, zebra, unicorn, reindeer, or a dragon.

Your young kids will be safe on the blow-up toy as it is fairly small and low to the ground. It is light enough for most kids to pull around the house. It comes with a plush, washable covering.

Radio Flyer Blaze Interactive Riding Horse

Kids never tire of the old traditional toys. You would be surprised how much energy and coordination is needed to make the horse walk, trot, or gallop.

If you have a horse-crazy kid, then this might just be the favorite toy of all.

Playskool Sit ‘n Spin Classic

It is amazing how often your kids will choose to play with this toy. Since they are moving their own weight, the amount of energy used is considerable if you want to go fast.

This is also excellent for coordinating your movements. It is a classic toy that will never lose its appeal.

With all of these choices, it should be easy to select a toy that will tickle your toddler’s fancy and meet those recommended levels of physical activity for toddlers.

You can select from free play environments, ride-on toys, sports activities, toddler games, or a musical experience.

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