The Best 20+ Resources for Battling the Coronavirus Fatigue in Kids

Are your Kids Suffering from the Coronavirus Fatigue? 

It doesn’t seem to matter your age, everyone is suffering from coronavirus fatigue. And with the daily restrictions there is also the danger of emotional distress. Kids are especially vulnerable to negative emotions when their whole world has been turned upside down. 

 “Almost one in four children living under COVID-19 lockdowns, social restrictions and school closures are dealing with feelings of anxiety, with many at risk of lasting psychological distress,” according to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

They need to be taught strategies of resilience to combat these dangers.  “Children are suffering enormous upheaval on a scale that we have not seen in this lifetime. There have been many sudden changes to their lives and so much is yet unknown about the long-term impacts of this crisis, which requires us to be vigilant and do everything possible to limit the impact on young minds”, explains  Marie Dahl, an expert in Mental Health for children. It is time to intervene to boost their spirits and give them some hope for the future.

Give your child the gift of hope, understanding, and resilience through a variety of means.  What better way to do so than using a poignant storybook or YouTube video or workbook! Surprisingly there are many from which to select. 

The following resources are categorized by 4 age groups – Young Children, School Age, Preteen, and Teen- but feel free to use the resources that are most suitable to your child and circumstance.

Resources for ALL Ages

Young Children

A New Day  

Your kids may not think that their life will hold a better future. It is hard for kids to think beyond the here and now. As adults we have a lifetime of memories to fall back on. Your kids do not have that type of resilience as a strategy. There is hope for the future in this story. Arm your kids with this sentiment during this time that is filled with doubt.

Uncertain Times

This storybook has been written by a clinical psychologist. The story lets children know it is ok to have negative feelings and this can be difficult for many people. The tiny bird, as a narrator, is a symbol of hope and freedom, which is what we need these days.

Not Forever But for Now

This story is about about feelings during the pandemic. The many scary emotions that are explored are put into counterpoint by the ever green activities and the refrain “Not Forever, but For Now.”

Someday Soon

As adults we can rationalize that “someday soon” will come. Young kids need to hear and see confirmation that their hopes are not lost. We are all longing for that change, even if we know that it will be the new normal.

School Age

Despite the fact that your child may be able to read the material independently, it is important that you share the story together. Your child may want to share some strong emotions with you as you journey through the stories or the videos. Take time to put down the book or stop the video to listen to your child and respond with assurances that they are safe.

My Hero is You     

This is a story that is free to every family. It was developed by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee Reference Group on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings (IASC MHPSS RG to assist parents in addressing many issues about the coronavirus. The child travels the world sharing experiences with other children. Throughout her journey she gains understanding of the way in which others are coping.


Bringing Joy  

Even kids can help to bring joy to others as shown by this sister and younger brother. The message is delivered by both of the kids. This video has some religious overtones. The message is enveloped in an uplifting song.

Uses Fences to Announce your Feeling of Hop

In this inspiring news report we see how it is possible for kids to share their positive approach for the whole neighbourhood to see. Your kids might decide to send their own messages to others.


COVID Road   

Two brothers set new words to Old Town Road to show how they spend their time during the long days of the coronavirus pandemic. You can see their backstory here. Challenge your kids to start their own creative project to express their feelings


Character Tree:   Signs of Hope  

Miss Sara explains to squirrel that our negative feelings are all okay because we can choose to have trust and hope to get us through any situation. After or even during this video expect that your kids will want to explain how they are feeling. Spend some time discussing how their feelings are shared by others.

Sophie’s Questions

Sophie is a 7 year old girl who is confused about the COVID 19 situation. She has many unanswered questions when one day her world is turned upside down. This book has many opportunities for discussion for your kids’ circumstances. Dig into your child’s deepest feelings through this book.

Heroes of the Pandemic

Ordinary people are superheroes in combating this pandemic.  Your kids will feel safer knowing how many people are working on this problem. All proceeds will be donated to Doctors Without Borders as the need for health care access in countries around the world increase with the COVID-19 Pandemic.

First Aid for Feelings   

DownLoad this free workbook to guide you through any discussions you may have with your kids. You can use the workbook to bridge the gaps created by your changing circumstances. Share it with your child by completing the activities and as a conversational tool. You can also encourage an older child to work with a younger sibling, or go to a calming corner and reflect independently. The author is Denise Daniels an RN, MS, Peabody Award–winning broadcast journalist, and child development expert.


Pop Finds his Smile      

Although this is not a pandemic focused book, it is all about positive mindset. Focus on developing resilience in your kids as key to an ongoing sense of satisfaction. Having a positive mindset can go a long way in helping to achieve this. Use this book to open up the conversation.

The Magic is Inside You     

‘The Magic Is Inside You,’ will help your kids to banish negative self-talk while setting their mind for inner confidence and success. A resource for parents is very helpful to guide the process for developing the vocabulary for positive self talk.

A Little Spot of Optimism    

The cartoon like presentation gives access to preteens to some very complicated concepts. Help your kids focus on making lemonade whenever confronted by negative situations. People with a positive attitude are ready to take on whatever the world throws at them.

Mateo Finds His Wow  

Mateo is stuck in negativity and it takes him a while to move from this mindset into something much more positive. Help you kids get unstuck from all of the negativity that overshadows their lives at this time. There is always a bright side to every situation, if you chose to make it so.

Song of Hope 

Only 13 years old, yet she is making a difference. Aaliyah Gaona found a way to encourage others as she processed her own stress. Listen to this ‘Song of Hope’ for a better day.

I Can Do Hard Things   

Gabi Garcia is a mama, licensed professional counselor and picture book author. She sets the tone for understanding that there will be hard things to accomplish but your kids have the resilience to accomplish them. Building on the positive message of the book, you can approach all of the hard things about the coronavirus.


Reason to Smile  

Although this is a news report, it shows that teens can make a difference to family, friends, and strangers. There are 5 uplifting stories to set a tone for approaching the current situation.

A Teen Fights for his Life

Sometimes we need to see the difficult time others are suffering to appreciate what we have in our own life. In this news story, this teen very life was threatened by the coronavirus. His lowest point was when he was wheeled down to the ICU. But he fought it off and is now sharing his experience.

Five Feet Apart   

Although this isn’t about the coronavirus, it is a love story in which the main characters need to be 5 feet apart to maintain their health. There are many parallels to the current situation. Your teen will encounter many thought provoking moments to provide perspective on what is happening now.

My Bucket List Journal

Help your teen plan for a positive future through journaling. This is a perfect method for teens who are the creative writers in your family. Instil hope for more positive times when everything is possible.

Depression A Teen’s Guide to Survive and Thrive   

Many teens fall prey to depression during the best of times. In this stress filled pandemic, there will be more teens at risk for depression. Give guidance to your teen for taking a problem-solving, strategy-based approach to deal with depressed moods, thoughts, and behavior.

The Anxiety, Depression and Anger Toolbox for Teens

Take a look at these 150 ideas to lift your teen’s spirits. In this era of negativity, your teen may let their demons run away with their thoughts. Use the toolbox to address the problems you kids are facing.

Children Teens and COVID 19 

Parents, listen to this short video to get some tips and tricks in dealing with your teen about our current situation. Find out what to stop doing as well as how to approach your teen to open up the discussion you know you need to have.

How Teen Can Protect their Mental Health 

This resource is written for teens to read themselves. It gives them 6 strategies to use to maintain their mental health during the coronavirus pandemic. It is supported by the UNICEF organization.



Six teens describe what it is like being in quarantine. Some things are aggravating, others are annoying. Some things are embarrassing or funny. But there can be a positive side to the situation. This video gives a normal perspective to an extraordinary circumstance.

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