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Christmas Letter to Grandma: Grandaughter Greta

Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

Hi Grandma

Mom is helping me write this letter to you. We added some pictures to help you find exactly what I was putting on “My Wish List”.

This week my teacher helped me write a letter to Santa to tell him about the toy I wanted most. And I had to ask Santa a question, too. So, I am going to do the same for you.

The toy I want most is a 2 wheel bike, all pink. But I think Santa has heard me, and he will be bringing that in his sleigh on Christmas night.

Mom tells me that you and gramps are not going away for Christmas, and we might get to see each other if the virus has not spread to our town. I am crossing my fingers and toes in hopes that will happen. 

I remember last Christmas when we Facebooked each other. You were in Florida with your friends, and we were getting ready for bed on Christmas Eve. We made chocolate chip cookies for Santa, and I ate one of them for you. We will be making more cookies for Santa, but this time you can eat your own cookie that we will make. Mom has some cookie cutters in the shape of trees, presents, stars, and Santa Claus. Do you have a favorite shape that I can decorate for you? We practiced yesterday, and here is our dish of the best cookies. I helped with the red icing.

Photo by Otto Espinal on Unsplash

So, here are some other things I want.  Mom helped me find some pictures on the internet so you could see what I want.

Now that I am getting older, mom says I can have some special things for girls. I’d really like to have rainbow hair, and there is a special kit to color my hair in different colors. It is called hair chalk. My friend Tracy showed me her hair on FaceTime. Her mother had to help her, but her hair was amazing. 

I love making things. And many of my friends have special friendship bracelets. I have some threads and beads, but I would love to have more. There are many types on the Internet but here is one I like.

At school, we are learning how to code on the computer. I have finished the Angry Bird game from, and I would love to have a real robot I can program. It is made in pink, just for girls. I can add some of my LEGO to make many different things. 

I’d also like some special pencil crayons. We are learning about Black Lives Matter, and I would like to have lots of choices for my drawings. 

Mom has some ideas for you, too. 

Since I like to read, she suggests a subscription to the National Geographics for kids. I love finding out facts about our world. Last year, I read all about earthquakes at school and decided to do a science project, too. It would be fun to get a present every month in the mail.

Once a week, we have games night, and I would like a new game to play. When we looked at the games, this one sounded like fun. Mom likes it too because it will help me learn about financial literacy. It is called Monopoly – Ultimate Banking. It has a machine, and you can tap your card to buy things. How cool is that!

And since I love reading so much, mom thinks a Rebekah set of girl Detective books would be just the thing for our every night reading time.

That is a lot of things to choose from. But I know how much you like shopping. I guess you will be doing most of it online since you have a rule that you only go outside of your house when you have to. You want to be safe from the virus. And we want you to be safe as well.

I have a special surprise for you and Papa. It is hard to keep a secret about what it is. But I know you will like the taste.

See you soon



hugs and kisses

PS   Baby Lee gives kisses and hugs.

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