Yoga for Kids: Homeschooling Programs var vpPlayer = new VpPlayer({ embedId: “9uG4EWtEPuJM” }); Mindfulness has seen an uptick in schooling. The benefits range from increased ability to focus, higher achievement ratings, better control of emotions, and less aggression. Many homeschoolers will also want to reap the benefits of mindfulness with their kids. But where can they start? Try yoga…

Mindfulness for Kids and Teens: Strategies for the Pandemic

Choose Mindfulness for Kids and Teens By this time, in the pandemic, we are all looking for some ways to cope. Adults at least have the advantage of maturity in coping with problems. Agreed, that we have never suffered such a widespread and relentless issue. You know that kids do not have the same background…

Valentine’s Day Diversity

There are many ideas to promote diversity and inclusion for Valentine’s Day. Parents shift your gift giving practices.


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