Easter Basket Ideas for Kids 3 to 5 years Old

Girl riding a bike with training wheels at Easter. Active gift for a child 3 to 5 years old.
Photo by Vladislav Vasnetsov from Pexels

Most preschoolers are full of energy and enjoy activity more than anything else. Instead of providing them with sweets at Easter, you can appeal to their need to move. The National Health Service in the UK recommends 180 minutes of activity. That is for 3 hours a day! “The 180 minutes should include at least 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity.”

We have gathered some suggestions for Easter gifts that range from low to vigorous activity levels but that are also high in interest. At the end of the list are some high-intensity physical games for outdoors.

Extreme Egg Toss: Have the fun with this old fashioned game without the mess. In Extreme Egg Toss you throw a plush electronic toy to each other. You can invent new challenges once you have played the toss game. For example, see who can throw the egg through a hoop.

Who can throw the egg the highest to their partner? Throw the egg high into the air and call a name for someone to catch it. The games are endless.

Bunny Hop: Although this is a sit-down and play the game, the springing action of the bunnies keeps preschoolers engaged. In Bunny Hop, you need to collect one color of each bunny. But beware, someone can swap out your bunny if they are lucky.

Memory skills are tested as you need to remember which bunnies do not hop. The game is so simple 2 kids can play without much adult interaction.

Felt Easter Tree Set: Count down to Easter with this felt tree and Easter symbols. Or have your preschooler decorate the tree for Easter. In the set are one tree and 26 detachable decorations.

Use it this year and then pack it up, ready for next year. It will make your preschooler aware of the passing of time as you celebrate the seasons.

Easter Egg Stampers: Use the stampers and the stationary to make Easter-themed cards, placemats, invitations, and many more items. Children this age enjoy using stamps. At first, the result is almost magical.

With the different colors you can introduce patterning – red chick, blue chick blue chick, red chick. Or you can let your child decide what to do

Let’s Count Easter: Use this Easter-themed book to reinforce mathematical concepts. Kids this age love searching through a crowded scene for details.

Some of the pages have delightful surprises to enhance the search. Use this book from year to year as there are easy and more difficult pages.

Easter Bingo: Are you expecting company this Easter. Pull out this Easter Bingo to entertain the cousins, while the adults finish their Easter meal and coffee. No reading is necessary for this game, except for the BINGO letters.

Set the older children to run the game or to help with their younger cousins. To challenge some players give them 2 cards to check at one time.

Easter Potato Sack Races: If you have kids of all ages coming for Easter, you can use these potato sacks for fun races, just before dinner to get the sillies out. These are large enough for adults, but for the younger set, you can roll the top edge to fit the right size.

You will be surprised by how enjoyable this activity can be. Start a tradition with your family. Save them year after year.

Easter Eggs filled with LEGO like figures: Make your LEGO sets come to life at Easter time.

Hide these eggs to surprise your son or daughter with 24 figures that combine with your LEGO sets.

Happy Bunny Co-operative Game: In this game, all of the players are gathering points against the farmer. You collect carrots as you move along the board. Some are for the rabbits and some are for the farmer. Once your preschoolers understand what to do they can play on their own. The game ends when the first player reaches the barn. You see who has the most carrots – the rabbits or the farmer.

Do the bunnies win or does the farmer beat you? This type of play helps to eliminate any negative feeling among the players, as you work together to defeat the farmer.

egged on – EGG Roulette Game: Help your child learn how to be a good sport with this game of chance. Take turns on cracking the egg on your head to see if you get the egg filled with water. This very simple game is a lot of fun as you never know who will be egged.

You can change up the game in many ways. Instead of water you can use confetti, rice or any other substance. If you want to make it a more positive egging include a small chocolate egg instead of water.

Easter Bunny Puzzle: The 35 piece large size puzzle is perfect to learn puzzle-solving skills. If this is the first jigsaw puzzle you may need to give assistance with using the picture on the box for clues. Also, kids do not instinctively see that some pieces are clearly for the edging.

You can help your preschooler by making piles of pieces that are the same color such as grey for the rabbit or brown for the tree trunk.

Dress Up Easter Bunny: Use the magnetic parts to dress up the bunny in different outfits. Now that your child is older he or she can handle small items safely.

Take your bunny dress up kit in the car when you travel for visiting at Easter time. Use a metal tray to hold all of the bunnies and their clothes to keep the parts organized.

Wooden Musical Instruments: Order this well-made, quality set of instruments to accompany any Easter music you have acquired.

You can initiate an interest in playing music with these rhythms instruments. And if you have company for Easter there are plenty to share.

Easter Songs: If you have forgotten the Easter songs, you can relearn them with this collection. These songs are made for children to sing along.

Combine the rhythm instruments with the songs for an Easter concert. Put the CD away for the following year to begin a family tradition.

Easter Cookie Cutters: Use this set of cookie cutters to make Easter treats. First, you work together with your preschoolers to make the cookies and then when they are cool, you take colored icing to decorate them. You will be dazzled by their creativity.

Or give your child a roller and some play dough to pretend to make Easter cookies with this cutter set. with different coloured dough your preschooler can decorate the pretend cookies.

Rolling Pins and non-Stick Mat: Simplify the cookie rolling with an adult and child-sized rolling pin. The non-stick matt makes taking the cookies from the table to the pan easy for young bakers.

You want your preschooler to be able to participate as independently as possible in baking. Use these non-stick tools for making Easter shaped cookies a stunning success.


Often Easter falls at a time when the outdoors is finally suitable for many activities. With active preschoolers, you most likely want to take advantage of sun and fresh air after a long winter inside.

My First Toss and Catch: This game has the advantage of success for tossing and catching. It also improves hand-eye coordination for when it is time to move on to sports equipment.

Toss all of the equipment in a handy bag and strike out for the park. Or find a larger area in your home to play the game. This upgraded version is very sturdy.

Bike with Training Wheels: Ride this bike outside in the nice weather and then bring it inside if you have the space for continuous play.

This 2 wheeled bike is suitable for kids from 2 to 7. Bicycling can often develop into a lifelong way to keep fit.

Soccer Goal Posts and Carrying Bag: Springtime is perfect to play soccer. The sunny, cool days encourage vigorous exercise. Add a kid-sized soccer ball to this purchase and you can entertain the younger set in the neighborhood. Preschool-aged children enjoy kicking the ball and learning about team play. Bring on the playdates!

Sometimes kids do stop to pick the daisies, but isn’t that is what childhood is all about? Give your kids the opportunity to play this non-violent sport.

T Ball Set: Many families love to enjoy sports and what better one in the springtime than baseball.

This T-ball set is suitable for ages 2 to 4. Add some hoops for bases and you can start to explain the game play or use the T for practice hitting. Both are great exercise.

Giant Bowling Game: Have a lot of fun with this oversized bowling set. Designate a further away start line to accommodate for different aged groups of kids.

The pins are weighted with sand so they do not blow over in the wind. Start with just trying to get the ball to the pins and then progress to keeping score.

Make Easter gifts an opportunity to engage your preschooler in activities.

Think outside the chocolate.

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