Favorite Toys for Toddlers: The Best 10+ Busy Boards

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What are Busy Boards for Toddlers?

What are toddler busy boards? They are a collection of toys for toddlers that fascinate your growing child. All are attached to a board instead of being tossed into a toybox.  

Many items on the board are household items, but in many cases, you cannot permit your child to use them. Interestingly, a busy board is a venue where you encourage exploration of these forbidden home environmental items, such as locks and keys, light switches, and dials that replicate the ones on your stove, to name just a few of the items.

These boards are easily classified as STEM toys (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) for toddlers as they incorporate many elements based on STEM principles. 

Why do you need a Toddler Busy Board?

SAFETY: You need a safe way for your toddler to use everyday household items. Is your toddler always heading toward the electrical socket? Include one in their busy board to satisfy that fascination.

EXPLORATION: Also, the busy board is such a fascinating experience for many toddlers. It can keep them busy exploring for hours! It is small enough to transport to many locations, but it includes so many options that it can keep your little one intrigued for hours. 

MANY TOYS IN ONE: A busy board for toddlers is more than 1 toy, but it comes with less fuss than a collection of toys.  There are many different activities all available to your child. For most busy boards, all of the pieces are attached, making these toys convenient when you are in a cramped space, such as in a restaurant or travel terminal.

FASCINATING: If you use the board sparingly, it will become a fascination that can be pulled out for many uses. Please take it to auntie’s to distract your child from destroying her home full of knick-knacks. During a doctor’s visit, it can entertain your child to allow you time to converse with the medical staff. On a long road trip, your toddler will be fascinated with the items instead of fussing in the car’s back.   

CONVENIENT: It is a handy way of carrying many fascinating items since all are firmly affixed to the board.  You are not apt to lose any parts. 

SHARABLE: If the board is large enough, it can be shared with 2 toddlers as they parallel play with the items. 

Why does Your Toddler like Busy Boards instead of other Toys for Toddlers?

Toddlers are massive explorers of a new world once they gain their mobility. Anything that adults interact with seems to fascinate them, especially if that object is forbidden or out of reach. “Your toddler is getting good at figuring out how objects in her world work—like television remotes or light switches. She is also interested in playing with your “real” stuff, like your cell phone, because she is eager to be big and capable. Toys like this help children problem-solve, learn spatial relations (how things fit together), and develop fine motor skills (use of the small muscles in the hands and fingers),” according to Zero to Three website.

You can make a busy board for your toddler, but it will take some time for construction as well as an accumulation of parts. However, there is an easier way to acquire a busy board for toddlers.

 Purchase a quality one.

New Toddlers Busy Boards

The young toddler is fascinated by objects they see every day while dressing or getting ready for a walk. They want to interact with all types of closures – zippers, laces, buttons, or snaps. Give them a collection of these commonplace items to develop thinking skills and fine motor control. You want to keep them safe from swallowing small items or scratching themselves on sharp objects.

Montessori Sensor Board: This board comes with  9 different buckles, ties and buttons, imitating the challenges in the real world, so children will learn practical skills while playing. All are soft and easy to work with to eliminate frustration.

Latches and Doors: There is a surprise behind each doorway when this board is used in music mode. Each of the latches have been constructed for use of young children to ensure success. Your toddler will develop logical reasoning as well as fine motor skills.

Snap, Zip, Tie: This board is all about learning essential life skills. It includes a variety of fasteners to stimulate your tiny tot and develop essential life skills. Including shoe ties, zipper, buckle, button, snap, and lace. It is a good tool for children to learn dress by themselves.

Easy Snap, Zip, Buckle and Tie: This light weight foam board includes colorful buckles, shoe laces, snap pocket, shapes and zipper to teach early learning dressing skills.

Dressing Skills and More: This busy board is somewhat more complicated and includes a braiding activity. The buckles and buttons are deliberately made to have varying difficulty levels, encouraging kids to develop problem solving skills and perseverance as they play.

Traveling Busy Boards for Toddlers

These lightweight busy boards make travel in the car, by train and airplane rewarding for your youngster. Introduce the board at home, so you know that your child will be interested in the activity and then put it away for that special travel occasion.

Fasteners Busy Board with Strap: Use the convenient strap to hook this activity board to the seat back. Take Montessori challenges with you while you enjoy a road trip or vacation.

Sensory Busy Board with Strap: This light weight busy board travels well and has a strap included so you can secure it conveniently on a seat back. All of the pieces are attached to the board. The zipper opens into 2 large pockets for the storage of more toys.

Learn to Dress Travel Board: There are many engaging activities on both sides of this busy board. The straps fit over a headrest and provide easy access for your child. You can also slip an iPad into the clear plastic window for a change of activity. This works well as an activity playtime for the backseat of a car, bus train, or plane. 

Older Toddler Busy Boards

Some boards include more sophisticated items for an older explorer. They include household items that build fine motor dexterity along with logical thinking skills.

Locks and Latches: Each hinged door fastens with a different type of lock or latch. Kids will enjoy the challenge of solving the mystery of each lock and the thrill of revealing the surprise once they have opened the doors. All parts are fastened to the board.

Nine in One Busy Board: by Brain Up – This learning toy features a spinner with beads, automatic and manual latches, abacus, gear wheels, lock with key, noisemaker, wheel, push switch and numbers from 0 to 9.

Fourteen in One Busy Board: by Brain Up – There are a multitude of different experiences to appeal to the various interests of toddlers. Some activities are easily accomplished, while others will take some time to master.

Travel Busy Board: The many different elements will fascinate your toddler. You can customize what is behind each door by including photos of family members and places.

Sensory Busy Board

Montessori Sensory Busy Board: Your child will enjoy the many different tactile experiences along with the challenges of the locks, latches and light switch.

Combination Toddler Busy Board

Combination Busy Board Walker: This busy board also doubles as support for encouraging your child to walk. The busy board is removable, so that your child is able to sit and work with the various components. It has the added attraction of sound and music too

Large Busy Board

Large Montessori Busy Board: This board is 60 cm by 80 cm, which may be too big for travelling in some circumstances. It’s many activities will keep several toddlers busy as they explore a variety of experiences. There are 12 different configurations for this board from which to select.

Although toddler busy boards are just one of the engaging toys for toddlers, it includes many different activities with all of the board’s parts. This makes it easy to bring along for many different situations. If you know you will be in a circumstance where you need to keep your child distracted for hours at a time, try a toddler busy board. 

You will be pleasantly amazed at its effectiveness.

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