Outdoor Activities for Kids

Do you have energetic kids? Of course, you do. You need to consider some of the favorite activities that channel that energy into physical exertion.

Find some solutions here.

Father teaching his young daughter to plat golf. This is a great outdoor activity for encouraging more physical exercise.

The Down and Dirty

Did you know that the WHO (World Health Organization) recommends the following guidelines for a healthy lifestyle?

“In order to improve cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness, bone health, and cardiovascular and metabolic health biomarkers:

  • Children and youth aged 5–17 should accumulate at least 60 minutes of moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity daily.

  • Amounts of physical activity greater than 60 minutes provide additional health benefits.

  • Most of the daily physical activity should be aerobic. Vigorous-intensity activities should be incorporated, including those that strengthen muscle and bone*, at least 3 times per week.”

Small Places: such as balconies, alleyways, small yards

Some parents do not have much of a choice if they want to use the outdoors as a place for large muscle activity. With some planning, you can make good use of a small space for engaging, physical activities.

Easy Install Safety Netting: Before letting your child out on to the balcony for fresh air, you can secure their safety by installing this netting.

The netting will also make sure that the toys stay on the balcony and not drop to the ground below.

Add a second layer of netting in the above open space on your balcony, so that any balls will remain on your balcony. Then let the games begin as your children get some fresh air, right from your apartment.

Astronaut Play Tent and Crawl Tunnel If you have at least 4 by 6 feet area, this fun-house will fit on your balcony or ground floor outside, grassy area. It can also be used inside for a rainy day special event. Your children will have hours of fun crawling from spot to spot inside their playhouse.

Each component can be used separately or together. It is lightweight and folds down to a small size for storage. Add some toys for extra fun when playing peekaboo with parents. Try some dress up items such as Halloween costumes to complete the scene.



Little Tykes Basketball Set: This durable and adjustable net with 3 balls will grow with your child.



Fill the base with sand for stability and then let the games begin. Your toddler will stretch up high to place the ball in the net and then run to retrieve it to try again. The set will be used for a long time as the stand adjusts for your child’s growth.

You need to direct your child what to do from the beginning but refrain from chasing the balls. Your child will get more exercise that way and also learn to play independently.


Balance Stepping Stones: Set up a mini obstacle course on your balcony with these stepping stones.




These stones are made to stay in place. Every day that you place the stones, you can change the challenge. Add some other obstacles such as benches, tunnels and other toys to change up the experience as your child stretches, crawls and hops their way through the maze on your balcony. Then stack the stepping stones for easy storage,

T-Rex Punching Bag: This 47-inch high punching bag is waiting for punches and kicks from your young child.



This T-Rex will take the punishment and bounce back for more. The weighted bottom makes him inexhaustible. This is a positive way for your child to expend their aggressive tendencies. The punching bag is not effective for reducing anger but it will help to expend any excess energy in a controlled way. “Scientists have found that swinging at a punching bag can actually increase anger and aggression levels. It does nothing to calm you down, and is no help in relieving one’s anger,” according to Penn State University. You can search for different characters of punching bags to suit your child’s fancy.


Punching Bag for Older Kids: And here is a more professional looking punching bag for older brother or sister to work out their stress in a safe manner.


Since the stand’s height can be adjusted, this punching bag will be used year after year for fitness. Set up a temporary gym on your balcony for your kids to work out. And when your son or daughter becomes stressed, train them to take their anger out on this piece of equipment and not the rest of the family members.

“Scientists have found that swinging at a punching bag can actually increase anger and aggression levels. It does nothing to calm you down, and is no help in relieving one’s anger,” according to Penn State University.

Mini Electric Golf Game: Both adults and children can play golf with this kit.



The sound and light aspects of this game attracts the attention of children 5 years and older. If you have an enthusiast of the sport, this will be a favourite activity, especially now that all other situations are not available. Keep this little hands entertained and busy.


Portable Putting Green: This is made for children older than 4 as the object is accuracy, not brut strength.



Hold the attention of your young golfer with this putting green. The putter is adjustable for different age groups. This is self-contained and therefore is perfect for a balcony. This game does require some patience to land the putt. But practice will make perfect.


Croquet Set: for younger children set up the hoops on the balcony or in a green space for a game that can be played by many ages.




This is a starter kit for kids from ages 3 to 6. If you want to lengthen the course you will need to order several sets. Give you son or daughter practice with hand eye co-ordination as well as building muscle strength. Play on the balcony to start and then when the grassy area is available, make the course much longer.

Animal Croquet: This croquet set will appeal to the younger crowd



Use the large sized mallet to move the balls under the animals. You can change up the game by placing the animals in different places. Sometimes they can be in a straight line and other times try off setting them. The numbers on each animal give your toddler a chance to practice recognizing numbers in a practical setting. You can also add up the numbers for points.


Little Tikes Bowling Set: Put that throwing habit to good use. Teach your tike to play bowling.




The game situation encourages taking turns, helping others by setting up the pins as well as burning energy in a fun way. Your son or daughter can use 2 hands to hold the ball at first and then learn how to use the finger holds. You can use a masking tape square to mark where the pins should be placed or let them arrange the pins they way they like.

Scoop and Ball Set: Start your toddler on the road to racquet sports with this fun game of scoop and ball.



It may take some practice for your kid to learn how to manage the scoop but trying is part of the fun. Your toddler will also improve his or her hand eye co-ordination that will be important for grown up sports such as tennis or squash. Your kids can play catch with a sibling or use a target to measure throwing accuracy.


Soft Foam T-Ball Baseball Set: This is the perfect size for a 2-year-old to a smaller 4-year-old.



Begin the journey to baseball fame with this t-ball set. It will take a few practice sessions for your son or daughter to master connecting the bat and ball. There will be exercise in hitting, bending to get the ball and walking around to collect the balls. You can add a basket to keep the balls near the T. Give your children the opportunity to master all stages of the activity as you enjoy a drink from your lounge chair.


Larger Spaces for Outside Games

Baby Balance Bike: This very stable bike is suitable for kids 12 months to 3 years old. Extend your child’s ability to go for a walk by taking this lightweight bike along when you go for some exercise.




The bike works well outdoors but it is small enough to be used inside. There is no need to worry about learning to pedal as your kids will instinctive know how to use their feet to push themselves along. This is a great energy burner.

Fold and Go Trike: And when it is time to learn to pedal this first version of a tike is perfect for kids from 18 months to 5 year old. The seat moves back to work with growing legs.



Your child will have some back support as the seat rides high for comfort. This bike folds down for compact storage. In the rear is a storage bin for some toys when you get to your destination. Take tour walks to a new level as your toddler can now move faster.


Kids Training Bike – Sports Model: Make the transition from a tricycle to a 2 wheeler. There is no need to worry about peddling, but there are brakes on the handlebar.




This is designed for the active younger set. To move forward you use your feet on the ground, even at a running pace. But when you want to stop, you can use the brakes on the handle bars. Built into the frame is a place to pull your feet up while coasting along. It is a transition bike and is perfect for learning how to balance.

Disney First Coaster Bike: As your child’s confidence builds, they can move it to more sophistication.



If you child is enamoured with Frozen, they will love this bike. Use the training wheels at first and then add the challenge of learning to balance too. Now Mom and Dad can jog along for their exercise, too. The seat is adjustable for growth. This is suitable for kids 2 to 5 years old.


20 Inch Kids Bike: For the older set, from 6 to 13 years old, this bike is a perfect transition. It comes built for different sizes. You can order this model in a one or six-speed version. Brakes are on the handlebars but your child will easily transition from the coaster brake set up.




Take the whole family out for a spin for that much needed burst of exercise. This bike is light weight at 26 pounds and will therefore store easily. Both the handlebars and seat are adjustable for years of active use. It comes 85% assembled.

Preschool Portable Golf Set: Get your kids started in golf early in life with this set that features a choice of clubs.



Your son or daughter will enjoy the thrill of the game on the playground, beach or field. Move the two holes as you play to set up different challenges. The score is unimportant. Watch in amazement as your child’s skill level builds with every encounter.


Junior Golf Set: This set of 4 clubs is suitable for kids from 3 to 8 depending on the size you order. The kit comes in left and right-handed clubs. Make sure you order the right size for your son or daughter.




Your kids will Learn how to use the driver, hybrid, 6/7 iron, 9/P iron, and putter to accomplish various shots. You will need to add some golf balls to complete the set when ordering. Help your child improve their distance and accuracy when playing the game.

Wooden Jungle Gym Playhouse: This jungle gym set combines swings, a slide and a 2 story playhouse at a reasonable cost.




Keep your brood active, busy and in your backyard having fun. Although this will take some time to assemble your kids will have many hours of fun, exhausting their energy throughout most of the year on this set. It is suitable for little ones from 3 to 10 years old. It is also somewhat compact so that it will not take up the entire backyard.

My Bouncer: Use this bouncer indoors or outside for hours of fun. Kids from 2 years to 10 years old will be captivated by the experience. It is rated for 2 kids at one time. On enthusiastic mom gushes ” I’m being honest when I say that this is one of the BEST purchases I have EVER MADE IN MY LIFE. I have two very active toddlers (a boy, almost 4, and a girl, almost 2), and this is a WINTER GAME CHANGER.”  




Set this up or take it down in minutes whenever your kids want to have fun bouncing away their excess energy. The  package includes the Bounce House, a 380W UL Low Noise continue-flow Blower , Bag for easy storage & transport, Ground Stakes, Weight Bags , Patch Materials and Instructions. Balls are extra.

Water Slide Park: This play area is big enough for 3 kids from 3 to 10 years old. As soon as the weather warms up you can start to have fun in the sun.



The package includes theInflatable Bounce House, 1 Blower, aCarrying Bag, 1 Inflatable Ball, 1 Hose Assembly Kit a Repair Patch Kit, and 8 Bouncer Stakes.  Inflate it inside for fun once you fill the water area with balls.


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