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Toddler Santa Letter: 10 Best Toddler Toys for Christmas

As a mom, I swear I can read my toddler’s mind. If my 2 years old could speak in sentences, here is what I am sure he would say to Santa in an email.

Photo by Mike Arney on Unsplash

Hi Santa

I saw you at the mall today, dressed up in your red suit. Your beard was very big, and I liked the way you laughed. I told you I wanted a puppy for Christmas, but I have been thinking about other ideas too. I have sent this email so you can start packing your sack for Christmas Eve.

I have been watching the kids across the street with their tricycle all summer long. That looks like a lot of fun. Mommy says she will be happy when I learn to ride a bike, so she won’t have to carry me to the park on a play date.  There are no pedals on this bike, so I’ll learn to ride it quickly. I’ll be able to take my puppy for a walk with it when the puppy is old enough to be on a leash. Mom helped me pick one out to show you.

LEGO is one of my favorite toys. I can now push the bricks together. But I have no LEGO people to ride in my car. I also wondered if they had a LEGO puppy too. I would love to play with a pet. There are some sets with all different kinds of people, just like the world I live in. My big sister has a lot of LEGO too, and I could share my friends with her when we have our BUILD IT time

Every day I watch my big sister pack up her backpack to get ready for school. She waits by the corner for the bus. I would like a green backpack because green is my favorite color and frogs are my favorite animals. My daddy cuts the grass with the same tractor.

Everyone in the family is talking about some squiggles on paper. The squiggles match my ABC song. To help me learn more about them, I could use a talking wall poster.  All I have to do is press in a spot, and the wall chart talks or sings. It also will play a game with me. Some of my favorite songs like “The Wheels on the Bus and the ABC song,” encourage me to sing along too. Mom likes this chart because it hangs on the wall and is never messy. I like to reach up and stretch for the surprises.

On Saturdays, we have a family BBQ, even in the winter. I like to watch my dad cook the burgers on the grill. I want to be just like my dad and cook my own burgers, too. It is fun for me to copycat what the adults do. Mom likes to keep me busy during cooking time, as she is always getting the rest of the meal ready and setting the table.

I watch my older brother and sister do their homework from school. I want to be like them with this coloring set; I can start to practice the skills to get ready for learning. The pictures are just the right size, and the honey wax crayons are soft, so I can leave my mark. Don’t worry, if I mark the walls, it will wash off easily.

Start me off with the letters in my name for the first adventure with reading. After all, I hear my name most often every day. When I learn that Brian begins with B, I can start to make sense of the letters. The capital letters are the easiest to recognize.

 Since I am still at the stage where I love to hide and seek, the tent and tunnel combination is a great way for me to exercise on those days when I cannot go outside. I’ll have fun crawling, throwing the balls, and hiding. Give mom a hint to hide a toy in the balls, so I have a reason to go digging. I love finding treasures.

What a surprise I will have when I see my very own Christmas tree full of lights. This is one that I can decorate over and over again. It will be a great keepsake for years to come and help me remember the previous seasons, too. And it is just my size. I see your face on the tree!

A Busy Book is a great way for mom and dad to keep me busy on the car trip to visit grandma and grandpa. It has many different activities inside. Mom likes it because it is very compact. I like it because there are so many different things to do. Mom and Dad only give it to me on special occasions, so I am always happy to play with it. It seems like a new exploration each time.

Merry Christmas Santa

I luv you


I’ll make sure that Mom puts milk and cookies out for you. I’ll get some carrots for the reindeer.