The Best 20+ Outdoor Toys for a Preschooler

Now that most kids are home with their parents, there is a great need for outdoor activities to burn off that exuberant energy. Some people are fortunate to still be able to go to the park and maintain their social distancing, but most families are at home or in apartments, looking for alternatives.  There are many options to select from including jungle gyms, climbing equipment, toddler playgrounds that you can blow up or erect as well as some outside games. 

two girls on a pogo jumper, great vigorous exercise for a preschooler, one of the best toys for outdoor activities

Whether you have a large space or just a small area, it is important that your kids get vigorous playtime for several hours a day. 

Length of Outdoor Activities

“Toddlers and preschool children should play actively several times a day. Toddlers should get at least 60 minutes of active play every day and preschoolers should have at least 120 minutes active play every day. This time should include planned, adult-led physical activity and unstructured active free play,” according to KidsHealth

You can slot in at least two 60 minutes or four  30 minutes periods of active time. Certainly, if your preschooler is engaged in active play, there is no harm in extending the time. If your preschooler cannot sustain 60 minutes of activity, it is helpful to have several types of play to encourage him or her to extend the time for large muscle activity. You may start with some climbing equipment, play a sport type of activity and then end with a bicycle ride

Why is Vigorous Outdoor Activity So Important?

All parents want to raise their kids to have a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately in our modern society, there seems to be less opportunity for physical fitness. The statistics for the United States are alarming. 

“Obesity prevalence was 13.9% among 2- to 5-year-olds, 18.4% among 6- to 11-year-olds, and 20.6% among 12- to 19-year-olds. Childhood obesity is also more common among certain populations,” reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If you are concerned about the physical fitness of your child, you are taking the first step to provide them with a healthy lifestyle. It will take a few well-planned toys to stimulate their activity.

Young children do not need to exercise in a formalized environment in a gym setting as many adults do, but they need opportunities to build on strength, flexibility, and endurance. Certain types of activities promote these three areas of physical fitness. When you see children chasing each other in the playground, they are developing their endurance. Every time they bend over to pick up a ball, stone, or insect, they are increasing their flexibility. And as they climb on the jungle gym, they are exercising their strength. In the outside play environment that you set up, your child is taking the first steps to a life-long healthy lifestyle.

Different Jungle Gyms & Bouncy Fun

Setting up a climbing apparatus is one sure way that your kids are building their strength and agility skills. It is important that the equipment meet the appropriate safety standards for your child’s ability level. – too small and it is not challenging but too large and the heights are daunting.

Space Dome Climber: If you child likes to climb, he or she will enjoy this piece of equipment. It is suitable for kids from 3 to 9 years old and there is plenty of room for cousins and friends to enjoy the fun. You can build it yourself with a minimum of tools and when it is time to mow the grass it is easy to move.

The Rock- Outdoor Climber: Your preschooler will start off by climbing up part ways to the top. Within a short time, they will reach the top of the climber. The swings give your child time to rest before they start another scaling exercise.

Adventure Tower Play Set: This is a very sturdy playlet. Your preschooler will grow into the challenges of the set but they are old enough to start out by using most of the equipment. Be prepare to spend some time putting the pieces together. This set is sturdy enough to accommodate several children at once.

Bouncy Castles and More

Outdoor Bounce House This is the perfect size for your preschooler and will suit kids to 9 years old. It is hard to beat the fun your kids will have with a bouncy castle. Use it outdoors this summer and then set it up in the house for the winter months.

Climb and Slide Trampoline This trampoline has an easy entrance and exit for young children, yet it is sturdy enough to last for years of fun. Set it up and let your kids bouncy their sillies out.

The Best Bikes or Ride On Toys

Balance Bike With Brake and Basket Your kids will enjoy the freedom of moving quickly without worrying about the pedals. However they will practise using a brake to slow down and balancing while traveling downhill. This is the perfect beginners 2 wheeler.

Joystar Bike with training wheels Usually the 14 inch bike is perfect for kids 3 to 5 years old. Leave the training wheels on until your son or daughter has mastered the brakes and peddling. Then remove the training wheels to practice balancing the bike.

Piki Piki Motorcycle Rid On Your son or daughter will find this dual rear wheeled bike easy to handle yet fun to play with. Your preschooler only needs to know how to push with their legs to move this ride on toy.

Rolly John Deere Tractor & Trailor If your son or daughter enjoys playing in the sand, this set will take their play to the next level. Load up all kinds of items in the trailer and then go for a drive to the job site.

12V Ride On Vehicle with Parent Remote Control Your child can control this vehicle or you can take over by remote control. There are a variety of body styles and colors.

Water Play

Mount Splashmore Enjoy the cooling water on a hot day. Both a preschooler and his or her older sibling will enjoy this Mount. And when company comes there will be room for everyone.

Family Inflatable Pool Everyone can get cool on a hot summer’s day. This pool is easy to set up and take down. Use it when the weather is suitable and then make room for different activities during a cool spell. Take it inside to fill with balls during the cold weather.

Inflatable SplashPad This is the perfect size for a preschooler. Attach the hose, turn on the water and you are set to go. And it folds up small enough that you can put it into the trunk of your car to have fun at a cousin’s house.

Splash Patrol Sprinkler Just hook this up to the hose to start having fun. This has been made specifically for preschoolers with material that is safe for small feet and a gentle spray, yet durable enough to take any abuse. Turn on the giggles this summer.

Sport Activities

PopUp Soccer Set Select the perfect size of equipment for your preschooler. Use these outside and during the winter set up one in the playroom for practice. Don’t forget to order a soccer ball in the preschool size, too.

Ninja Boxing Bag Set up this bag in your back yard and your kids will wear themselves out attacking the ninja bag. Kids can kick, punch and push the bag around. You may also want to purchase boxing gloves to complete the set. This toy is suitable for a 3 year old but it is also large enough to last many years. It can be used indoors or outdoors, too.

Tee-ball Sport Set The adjustable height along with the oversized bat makes this Tee ball kid friendly. The set comes with 6 balls so that your kids will have many hits before collecting the balls to do it all over again.

Golf Clubs Set Step up the golf game from the plastic toddler set to these metal shaft clubs. Teach your kids when to use the three different types of clubs. These clubs are so much fun, the adults will want their turn too. Involve the whole family in a game of backyard golf or take the set to the nearest park.

Other Fun Stuff for Outdoor Play

Foam Pogo Jumper This toy is suitable for a 3 year old but it is also fun for a 10 year old and some adventurous parents. It will support someone who is under 250 pounds. The bungee cord stretches up to 40 inches.

Paw Patrol Hopper Ball This is just the right size for a preschooler. Most kids seem to know instinctively what to do with the ball. Jumping takes a lot of energy so it is best to introduce the ball before you want your child to settle down, such as before dinner or bedtime. Let them wear out their energy having fun.

WOWMAZING Giant Bubble Wand: Be the star of the sow at the beach or park by making giant bubbles that last a long time. Your kids will not tire of chasing them around as the wind carries them aloft.

Bug Catcher Kit If your little on is a scientist in the making, he or she will love inspecting and catching bugs for further examination. This kit has it all from binoculars to see afar right down to a magnifying glass for up close and personal attention.

Saucer Tree Swing Use that big shady tree in your yard to support this comfortable swing. But if you have no tree, look for the support from your balcony. This is large enough for your preschooler to take a rest and read a book in the shade.

Unicorn Kite You will likely need to set the kite flying, but once set up, you can hand the holder to your preschooler to have fun controlling it in the wind. To a young child this tug of war with the wind is awe inspiring.

Construction Sand Toys This set of 4 vehicles will make for hours of fun in the sandbox or along a hard surface. Each comes with movable parts to make the play more realistic. Let the building begin.

Garden Wagon Tools & Toy Set Working in the dirt is much more fun when you have the right tools. Use this set to plant a small plot or pretend play in the sand at the beach.

Bring on the nice weather. Your kids are ready for outdoor play.

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