10 Cool Math Games: for learning math

A play piece and 2 dice on the start position of a cool math game.Cool math games are great ways to learn or consolidate mathematical concepts.

Number Facts

Learning the number facts for mathematics is like learning the alphabet for reading. These facts are a necessary foundation for the rest of the discipline. How better to learn or practice this skill than through cool math games? Within the game framework, kids have a reason to use the skills.

Some of the most motivating games will capture the attention of the group while using the math facts as an integral part of the game.

Kingdomino: Domino techniques are used to acquire land in medieval scenario, but you must aquire crowns to make these land parcels count.

Multiplication facts are needed to score in this medieval scenario. Acquire different lands in a block and multiply the by the number of crowns to win the game.

Math Marks the Spot: The large colorful mat makes playing the game a lot of fun. Addition and number facts to 12 are highlighted.

Kids use the dice to make equations (or number sentences) to the sum of 12. There is a number line as part of the mat for assistance.

Dart Board: Every time you get a ball on the target, you need to add to your score. This can be a game of simple addition, but if you make an area worth 3 or 4 times, you can include multiplication too.

Since darts involve considerable movement, this is a game that will appeal to kids who have trouble sitting still. The bonus is that they are also practising their adding skills too. To practice subtraction, you can make an area a penalty ring.

Multiplication Machine: All of the answers are available with the push of a button. This is a great device for learning the facts and seeing some patterns for answers as the facts are in a grid. Did you know that all multiples of 5 end in 0 or 5?

This tool is perfect for the child who is motivated to learn their facts. It can be enjoyed alone or with a partner. For anyone who is anxious about mistakes, this machine takes the stress away.

Monster Sock Factory: You learn the process of multiplication by filling orders for monsters who need socks. This game has won many awards and is motivating for players just beginning to understand multiplication.

The game can be played at several levels so that as your child learns the facts, you can up the difficulty. But it is helpful to let them play at a level for a time as they enjoy winning the game.

Clumsy Thief is a very motivating game for all persons who like a bit of mischief. Snatching and grabbing is all part of the game until the end is realized. Each game can be as fast as 15 minutes.

Who doesn’t like to bend the rules legally? In this game you can steal from other players to make points. The aim of the game is to find pairs of numbers that add to 100. Great practice in adding larger numbers.

Telling Time

Telling Time: Some children find it difficult to learn to tell time. One of the problems is that they do not have enough practice to master the skill.

Not only do kids learn to tell time but they use both analog and digital formats. Give your child the opportunity to practice this skill in a fun way. If you have several children, the older ones can tutor their younger siblings.

Life Skills

While some individuals require specific mathematical skills in their career, every individual needs adequate life skills. There are some games that can provide you child or teen with basic understanding of financial management.

Pizza Co. Use your skills of strategy to run the most successful pizza shop. Making change quickly and correctly is all part of this fast paced game. You will need a tablet on hand to work through the game. The game can be modified to use dollar bills or change to meet different capabilities from young children to adults.

Pizza Co. Uses both game pieces and a tablet in combination to run a stellar pizza shop. It is so much fun, you may need to hide it from mom and dad.

CashFlow: This is part of the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” company and is built on the philosophy of Robert Kiyosaki.

To tally your funds you use a sheet to add or subtract your worth. Basic mathematics skills are used but it is the strategies of the game that are valuable


Three Sticks: It is amazing what you can do by adding 2 sticks at a time to make shapes. Part of the strategy is placing your sticks so that your opponent does not have an immediate advantage.

Make different shapes by adding 2 sticks at a time. There are bonus points for some of the more difficult shapes. How many steps ahead can you plan for? Strategy is part of this geometric game.

Selecting the right game that is motivating as well as educational can make a significant difference in your child’s understanding of the basic concepts of mathematics.

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