Best Busy Books for Toddlers with Busy Moms

Young boy tying a shoe in a quiet book for toddlers while riding in a car. Busy books can be used to keep toddler occupied.

Quiet book for Toddlers Great for long drives!

Almost every blog about activities for toddlers mentions the best busy books for toddlers. Often moms spend hours making these books for their kids.

But what is a busy mom to do?

These books take hours to make and a lot of creativity. Yes, you can download some templates from the internet to make them, but what if you are too busy or too tired to complete the task. Lucky for the overworked, busy parent, there is a solution for busy books for toddlers.

Buy one – Busy Book for Toddlers

Your time is valuable and there are a lot of choices for books for kids of this age group. The price ranges from $12 to $50 depending on the complexity that you select.

Why Do You Need a Busy Book for Toddlers?

You may be asking yourself why you need a busy book? The answer is for YOUR SANITY. There are times when you need your toddler to be actively engaged and relatively quiet. Think about the doctor’s visit, while you are nursing your baby or when traveling in a car or plane. You want your child to explore concepts that will also further his or her understanding of the world or enhance their developing skills. Often you cannot take your toddler’s toys with you, but you can take a busy book. It is easy to pack, lightweight, self-contained and has many engaging activities. 

And shush, don’t tell anyone, but there will be times when moms and dads just need a quiet time break.

How Do I Manage My Toddler’s Busy Book?

Keep It Fresh: The most effective way to keep your busy book fresh is to use it sparingly. Take it out for the required occasion and then hide it till you need it the next time.

Try It Out Ahead of Time: Try out the book ahead of time, if you plan to use it in a critical location such as on a plane. Make sure your child enjoys the activity. If the book is not interesting to your toddler then, find another that will interest them and put this book away to be introduced at another time.

Mother and daughter are enjoying one of the best busy books about daly events. In this book all of the pieces are attached.

Introduce the Book As Special: When you initially introduce the book to your child, explain that this is a special book. Use a welcoming tone and spend some time with your child to help them explore the various activities.

Piques Kid’s Interest: It is also important when selecting the book, that you consider your child’s interests so that they are naturally attracted to the activity in the book. Does your child like dressing up dolls? Are animals their favorite topic of conversation? Is their thing trucks and cars? Are they fascinated with everyday objects such as buttoning a coat?

What Types of Toddler Busy Books Are Available?

A) Babies and Very Young Kids

There are busy books specifically for young children. They are structured so that the activities are easy to accomplish and all of the parts are fastened in a manner so that they will not get lost.

The pages of one of the best busy books is open showing the activities. On one side is buttoning a coat and on the other is tying shoe laces.
All of the pieces are attached and will remain in the book.

Baby Quiet Books (for 2 months plus) The colorful pieces of the book are handcrafted from soft polyester and include a soft cover . All of the materials are absolutely non-toxic and safe for your baby. The stitching lasts a long time, wash after wash. The topic of this one is vehicles.

The moving parts in this book are all attached in some manner so you and your baby never have to search for lost parts.

Every Day Life: The theme of this more advanced baby book features activities about evey day life. Not all of the parts are attached and require some care while using the book.

The book begins with waking up and ends with bedtime. It is not an absolutely quiet book but it does engage kids with its crinkly and beeping sounds.

B) Toddlers

These books include more advanced ideas and more difficult skills that engage older children.

Montessori Basic Skills: This book includes many skills your toddler is learning at his stage: shapes, time, shoelaces, belts. There are 9 activities in this book.

All of the movable parts stay attached so that you do not need to struggle looking for lost parts.

C) All Pieces Attached

Melissa and Doug’s Peekaboo Book: This book capitalizes on baby’s first game. It is bound to delight every young child!

All of the flaps do not come off so that this book is safe for baby to play in a less supervised situation or all by him or herself.

D) Keeping Track of Pieces

Soft Activity Book: There are 10 academic and life skills included in this book to amuse your toddler when quiet time is needed. But since some of the pieces are separate, you will need to be in view to supervise the activity, especially if your child likes to put things into his or her mouth.

Slip this book into its bag and take it with you for traveling distances, attending appointments or when you need to feed the newborn.

E) Themed

When I Grow Up: For any child who is interested in what adults do, this book will keep then busy for a long time.

This book includes many things to do on each page. Your child will have many choices for play with this book.

My Big Day: My big day follows activities from morning to night.

There are 10 pages in the book, all full with many activities to keep your child engage from eating to washing clothes to telling time.

Little Chef: This is another Melissa and Doug book for baby on the theme of cooking.

All of the parts are attached but your baby will have a great time cooking like mom and dad.

My Bible Quiet Book: Start your baby’s understanding of your family’s beliefs early in life with this special book that illuminates the stories from the bible.

Some supervision may be needed as not all parts remain attached.

Just Like The Animals: Enjoy this touch and feel busy book all about animals. All the parts are attached.

Although this is clearly a baby friendly book , older children love it. Each page has a sentence relating to the animals.

F) Montessori

I Can Do It: There are many tasks in this book that will challenge an older child. The activities range from life skills to academic concepts. Each page has a place for the pieces or you may decide to keep them in a large plastic ziplock bag while your child sorts out what goes where.

Care needs to be taken as there are many separate pieces. You will want to train your child to put the pieces in special places.

G) Game Boards

Busy Board Bag: Turn the bag that holds the toys or snacks for your little one into an activity center.

Does your toddler like to fiddle with things? There are many opportunities with this busy board. On the opposite side of the bag is a simplified game that can be played.

It is without a doubt that busy moms want to join in the fun with busy books. Since your time is very valuable and there are many types of books and boards from which to select. Purchase the one that is just right for your child.

Find the right Busy Book to preserve your sanity.

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