Your Baby's First Easter

With the first Easter for many babies, chocolate is out of the question as they are too young to enjoy this treat. Often parents are determined to limit the number of candies for young children and opt for other expressions of love. “In general, the AAP ( American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends skipping chocolate until kids are at least two, since it contains added sugar,” as reported by the VeryWellFamily webiste.

baby with Easter  and spring decorations, Happy Easter sign,

You would think that the first Easter gifts would be limited but that isn’t necessarily true. You will find quality presents from toys to adorable clothing to a variety of other items for the Easter season.

Cuddly Easter Bunny : What could be more Easter-like than a bunny! This bunny is so convenient for mom as it can be washed and dried in a machine.

This realistic looking bunny is soft enough and large enough to be used as a pillow. For very young infants, put it on the shelf in the nursery, ready for a cuddle when your baby is a little older.

Looking Good: Every baby boy needs a special suit for Easter. How adorable will your son look in this cute outfit.

The sizes vary from newborn to 18 months for the perfect fit.The suit is made of cotton for a soft comfortable fit. It is easily machine washed and dried. It will be a keepsake item.

Easter Best for the Young Lady: This comfortable tutu dress, head band and legging sock set is an adorable way to celebrate Easter.

Be ready for the cameras to focus on your adorable daughter in this special Easter outfit. Sizing is from newborn to 24 months. This soft material can be machine washed and dried.

First Easter Basket Play Set: Your baby will be able to play with these items for a long time. All of them are soft and baby friendly. In 2020 the toy was a new release.

Both the basket and Easter characters are machine washable and dryer friendly. When your baby becomes a toddler you can use the basket to help them collect Easter eggs for their 2nd Easter hunt.

Carrot Teether: Soothe your baby with this seasonal teether. It has a textured area for baby to explore with his or her mouth or fingers. Baby can manipulate the carrot easily with the green handles.

Babies who are teething appreciate something in their mouths to soothe the irritations they feel. Th carrot is made of soft silicone and is easy to wash. It is not made for freezing.

Bunny Teether: The bunny teether is not only a way for baby to soothe sore gums but it will also become a toy. The cute face and expression will make you baby smile.

This teether is made of 100% silicone and is therefore easily washable. You can freeze this item to provide pain relief for your infant.

Play and Sing – Harry the Bunny: Surprise your baby with this interactive toy. It is a fact that infants have a good sense of hearing from a very young age.

“Your newborn has been hearing sounds since way back in the womb. Mother’s heartbeat, the gurgles of her digestive system, and even the sounds of her voice and the voices of other family members are part of a baby’s world before birth. Once your baby is born, the sounds of the outside world come in loud and clear,” outlines KidsHealth.

Your baby will become fascinated with the various songs that they can activate from ABC to Happy Birthday Bunny to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and others. To clean you need to sponge wash.

Shake to your Heart’s Content: This wooden egg shakers are so beautifully painted. Although they are somewhat large, your baby will soon grow into the toy. The sound is a soft rattle.

These are sturdy wooden shakers but supervision is required as they are not made to be placed in the mouth. Care must be taken to make sure they remain together so the beans inside are not exposed.

I Love You Funny Bunny: This board book is a perfect gift for the first Easter celebration.

Books that babies can handle begin literacy skills early. Once your child is able to sit up they can learn to look at the pictures and turn the pages. You can start making connections by asking questions such as “Where is the mommy?”

Quacking and Walking Duck: As soon as you baby is looking around he or she will be fascinated by this interactive toy that makes sound and moves. And when baby is crawling, he or she will love crawling after this walking talking toy.

You will be delighted with the fact that you can reduce the volume of the sound that the duck makes. Care has been taken to baby proof this interactive toy. Even adults are fascinated with the toy.

Baby Balance Bike: Although this is not a special Easter version, it is very approrpiate for infants who are learning to walk. With all of the worry about keeping people active, infancy is the time to start. Your baby can balance on the seat and scoot around your home.

The bike comes in blue as well. It has a limited turning radius so that there is no fear of tipping over. It has been approved approved by American Security Testing Laboratory ASTM F963-11.

Harry the Bunny: is a favourite of many young children, due to the children’s show. This toy will make your child’s eyes light up as they have their very own Harry to play with.

Harry is the Bunny of the Year baby first TV character. He is very soft, authentic to the show and can be washed. He comes in a variety of characters including Fireman Harry the Bunny.

Rubber Duckies: Go for an Easter egg hunt for the 12 rubber duckies. And then enjoy these fun toys at bath time too. These ducks meet US Toy Standards.

The ducks are hidden inside the eggs when you receive them, perfect for hiding on Easter.

You can also play a game with these ducks to see which ones are the same.

Cheerful Easter Hanging Banner: Decorate the nursery with this colourful hanging banner. After Easter, put it away for next year and for many years to come. The advice is to “give your baby lots of appealing things to look at. After human faces, bright colors, contrasting patterns, and movement are the things newborns like to look at most,” reports Kids Health. 

Give you baby something to wake up to every day with this smiling Easter Bunny. The bright colors will attract his or her attention.

Easter Party Music: Start a tradition with your baby from the beginning.

Familiarize your son or daughter by playing this music when they are so young and then pull out the same tunes year after year. You can even play the songs while they hunt for Easter eggs as they grow.

Easter Bunny Costume: Remember that first Easter for years to come in a themed photo session.

This costume fits babies from 3 to 6 months old. It is made from cotton knit fabric so it is soft and can be hand washed and air dried.

Baby Romper: Keep your baby warm with this convenient romper outfit. This is especially helpful, if the weather is cold at Easter time.

The romper comes in this color or a contrasting set. The button openings make it easy to put on and take off or for quick diaper changes. Sizes are from 0 to 12 months.

Easter Picture Frame: Provide the reason for capturing the baby’s first Easter. Hang this frame in the nursery, ready to be updated every year.

Take that adorable photo of your newborn at Easter and proudly display the image where you can compare how quickly he or she grows.

Baby Memory Book: Since this is baby’s first Easter, it is time to organize all of the memories.

In this book are 64 pages to tell the wonderful story of your baby from newborn to 5 years old. Decorate the pages with the stickers and messages and hide away treasures in the memory box.

Hide and Squeak Eggs: Your baby will have fun investigating these eggs. Once the egg shell is removed the chicks inside make a squeaking sound. The toy is made for color matching, shape sorting, fine motor skills and fun with sounds.

This toy is suitable for babies 6 months or older. As your son or daughter matures, he or she can pack the box of eggs up neatly.

These items are merely suggestions to broaden your thinking about the many possibilities of gifts for a new born at Easter time.

Think outside the chocolate!

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