The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids: no candies

Valentine’s Day is not just for couples. Parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles are looking for the best Valentine’s Day gifts for their very special kids.

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In many cases, toys are preferable to a sweet gift as no one wants to cultivate children who overindulge in sweets. But how do you delight your kid on Valentine’s Day? You want the toy to reflect the sentiment of the occasion.

Valentine’s Day Books Make a Great Valentine’s Day Gift for Kids

One favourite author writes charming stories for all occasions featuring the loveable Franklin character. Your LO will love this addition to their collection of holiday books.

Older kids delight in reading Amelia Bedelia for themselves. Her mixed up world appeals to their sense of humor. This adventure ia all about her youth.

A Focus on Sharing

Look for games that focus on togetherness or sharing. The appropriateness of these games can range from toddlers to teens.

Help young children identify feelings. The pictures on the cards are simple and age appropriate for little kids. You can play the game in many ways.

Encourage positive feeling for all ages. The game is for school aged children right through to adults. Play it as a family for a bonding experience.

You may also want to send a series of small toys or letters of encouragement that indicate that your love lasts an entire year. Your kid will receive a toy a month for the next year as part of your Valentine’s Day expression of caring. Here are some suggestions.

These love bomb cards are great to include with your letter of encouragement you send once a month.

Other toys and gifts reflect the sentiments of Valentine’s Day too. Consider some of the following.

Age-Appropriate Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids


For your baby’s first Valentine’s Day surround him to her with expressions of your love. Baby Toys   blog has many more ideas for the infant in your life.


This adorable dress comes in several different versions. It is perfect for Valentine’s Day but can also be worn any day of the year. See other developmental ideas in Toddler Toys:    

The very cuddly puppy will soothe any child with its expression of caring and soft fur. There are many different stuffed animals with a Valentine theme.

The words say it all. Your toddler is wrapped in a love embrace when wearing this shirt.


This is a simple camera to use. Your special person will enjoy recording all the happenings on Valentine’s Day. Of course there is a pink camera too. Take a look at great toys for this stage.   Toys for 3 to 5 Years Old.  

Kids 5 to 10

Turn Valentine’s Day into a high flying event with these colourful cards. Share some time with your kids helping them achieve the best looking airplane. Have them practice their flying skills by placing a target for them to land their plane or see whose plane can fly the furthest distance.

There are Valentine Day lego sets. This is a set that favours kids who like to build, but there are sets with kid characters to promote dramatic play. There are a myriad of Toys for 5 to 10 Years Old   in this blog.

Kids 10 to 15

And for the budding medical expert, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for an examination of the heart.

With all of the talk of cupid’s arrows any sport enthusiast will be delighted to try their hand at accuracy with this bow and arrow set.

Puzzles are great for kids who enjoy the challenge in paying attention to detail. They can be of a Valentine theme or another favourite topic.

With all of these alternatives to candies, you should be able to select a suitable Valentine’s Day replacement.

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